Whether you prefer compact SUVs for their versatility, fuel efficiency, convenient size or all of the above, you’re bound to immediately take a liking to the Jeep Compass. The Compass has been a popular choice for commuters, families and business owners for more than a decade, and our team is sure that you’ll want to take one home when you have a closer look at what they offer.

The Compass can be equipped with numerous features that allow it to travel safely in all types of weather. Available rain-detecting wiper blades activate automatically as soon as precipitation starts to fall, and windshield and mirror de-icing technologies provide for unobstructed views when the weather turns colder.

The Jeep Compass is also ready to head off the beaten path. Advanced traction control, high ground clearance and impressive handling and maneuverability make it the perfect vehicle for your next off-road journey.

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