Check Engine Light: Are You Leaking Coolant?

Did you jump in your car ready to pick up your son from soccer practice, only to find that the check engine light was on? What a drag! Now what? Do you think you are leaking coolant?

Some problems can be easily checked yourself. You fill up the liquids for your automobile. You are responsible for keeping the coolant levels high. If you see any greenish or reddish liquid on your driveway, it could be coolant/antifreeze. Now, you need to find out where the coolant is leaking from.

It might simply be easier to bring your car into us for servicing. After you fill up the coolant, the sensor might still be stuck. Or, the overheating might have damaged another part of your engine. No matter what the problem is, we will fix it. We have the knowledge, the sensors, the tools and the mechanics to fix your problem.
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