Dealing with Small Windshield Repairs

Not all windshield damage is significant and in need of a major replacement of your windshield. Sometimes, the damage is relatively minor and can get repaired. It can be challenging for an individual without experience to perform their own assessment of the level of damage to a windshield. Even a small nick or crack can grow more significant if left alone.

Start by performing a self-assessment of the windshield crack and determining if you will need to get it fixed. A minor nick will need a minor repair. If you are concerned, then bring in your car to the service department at our dealership to see if it needs to get replaced or repaired. Check with your insurance company to see if the windshield will get covered and any deductible you will owe.

Finally, sit back and relax as the service professionals at Country Club Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Clarksburg, WV, will handle the repair or replacement for your vehicle’s windshield.

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