Jeep Fest May Become an Annual Celebration!

Jeep Fest was held last week in Toledo, OH, and the event was a huge success! Over 40,000 people came out to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the iconic American manufacturer. Attendees enjoyed a parade of Jeeps driven by Jeep owners from across the country, a showing of vintage Jeep films, and a massive collection of cars with an example of every model the company has ever produced. Jeep also produced a one-off 2016 Jeep Wrangler that was customized with a WW2 theme, signifying Jeep's contributions to the American military.

Event coordinators were able to raise over $180,000 from sponsors both local and nationwide to hold the event which had the Toledo crowd thrilled. The event was such a success that organizers are considering making it an annual affair and bringing the parade back to Toledo every year. UAW Local 12 president Bruce Baumhower said, "I think there's an appetite from the community to do it again, every year is what they said… I think the pride in Jeep and the enthusiasm in Jeep is absolutely at an all-time high."

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