A midsized, unibody Ram truck might be in our future


Mike Manley, one of the big bosses over at Ram, has said that the potential for a midsize truck to join the new model lineup isn't off the table just yet. While a platform-building project hasn't yet gotten the greenlight, it also hasn't been sent back to the drawing board.

Calling it “a big opportunity for the brand", he was quoted as saying: "We have a good history in that segment, and I’d very much like a ‘metric ton’ pickup in the Ram brand.”

Why a midsize truck when its full-size selection of Ram vehicles is doing so well in Clarksburg, WV? Because the Ram brand is committed to providing the best that a truck driver can get--and if drivers are looking for unibody construction, mile-high fuel economy, and urban-ready dimensions, than Ram is going to hit the ground running.

The new model, should it go into production, would be able to compete with trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado. With rumors swirling that Ford may release an all-new Ranger, there's no better time for Ram to jump into the game.

And, with the fact that FIAT is already producing a midsize, unibody pickup truck--Ram's potential entry into the small truck market might be closer than we think.

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