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Clarksburg, WV 26301

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Love Working on Your Vehicle? Use Genuine Mopar Parts for the Best Repair!

We know plenty of people in Clarksburg who love working on their own vehicles. Whether it's to save some money, or simply a passion of yours, you always need to make sure to use the right parts. Cheap aftermarket parts just won't cut it, but genuine Mopar parts ensure the best possible repair for your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, or Jeep brand vehicle.

You never really know what the quality of aftermarket parts will be, but genuine Mopar parts are factory grade and made just for your vehicle. Because they're higher quality, they'll last longer, making your…

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The Chrysler Pacifica is Declared the Top Vehicle by Cars.com

There is no car search as important as finding the right vehicle for your family. Is it big enough to carry everyone? What about the features? Will it keep everyone safe? The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica can do all of that. Beyond just being a great family vehicle, the Pacifica has been named the Best of 2017 by Cars.com.

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Don't Lose Your Brakes!

We all know how important it is to have brakes -- and not just brakes, but brakes that work. So when do you know when yours need to be serviced? There are a few indications. If your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor or feels spongy, or if you need an excessive amount of time to stop-say a block. If you ever think that there might be an issue with your brakes, it's always a good idea to get them inspected. Better to deal with the problem before it gets way out of hand. You never want…
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Get a Feel for Ram's Commercial Fleet

Commercial vehicles are available at our dealership. This is information that some business owners did not know. When speaking with owners, many are surprised to learn that we do, indeed, sell commercial vehicles, as well.
Fortunately, for such folks, Ram has an awesome assortment of commercial vans and vehicles for their consideration. And, in an attempt to demonstrate the appeal of its vehicles, Ram has rolled out the "On Demand" campaign.
The initiative essentially allows small business owners to test drive a Ram commercial vehicle for a day. Such was the case for New York City- ...
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Can You Feel the Heat From Ram Heavy Duty’s Climate Controlled Seats?

After a workout at the gym or a hard day's work, you might just want to sit back and enjoy your premium luxury seats. You can also control the heating and cooling in the Ram 2500 driver or front passenger seats. This can be a great way to massage your muscles.

Alternating hot and cold is the best way to deal with many injuries. Your back or shoulders might be very sore. With your Ram 2500 Heavy Duty, you can help your muscles heal, as you drive. Ram is all about helping you multitask. The Laramie leather seats of…
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First There was Ram Tough. Now There’s Macho Ram.

Ram presented their super-subtle Macho Power Wagon concept truck at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas recently. Referring back to the Macho Power Wagon pickup from the ’70s, this beast was given a coat of Macho Mango paint and a package of retro vertical Power Wagon graphics.


A photo posted by Ram Trucks (@ramtrucks) on

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